Ground beef recipes

The recipe options that can be created with ground beef are unlimited. This meat choice is easy on the wallet and cooks fast for busy weeknight meals. There are many creative ways to use ground beef for meals other than the typical hamburgers, meatballs and meatloaf. It is typically labeled according to fat content; with fat content ranging from 27% to 5%, with the lower percentage being very lean.

Ground beef recipes

How to Reduce Fat Content

The fat content of non lean ground beef can be minimized by lightly rinsing immediately after browning. To accomplish this, cook the meat until completely brown, pour browned meat into a colander over the sink and rinse with warm or hot water. After the water is drained, blot meat dry with a paper towel. The trade-off is the reduction of fat but a great deal of flavor may be lost in the process as well.

Ground beef should be cooked at a moderate temperature in order to avoid shrinkage. Overcooking will cause the juices to evaporate. In order to seal in juice and sear the surface, the pan should be thoroughly heated before adding meat. Poultry has a milder flavor and texture than beef so when substituting beef for chicken or turkey, add a touch more seasoning than called for in the recipe.

Ground beef is easy to prepare and many recipes can be executed by the most inexperienced preparer. The following are quick and easy budget conscious meal ideas:

Hamburger Casserole
Pass on boring boxed Hamburger Helper and opt for a quick and easy casserole that will feed a family of five with plenty of leftovers.

Beef Stroganoff
This recipe reinvents a classic on-the-go recipe. The meat should be slowly simmered for maximum flavor. The recipe yields four servings and tastes fabulous when reheated.

Classic Sloppy Joe
A no frills meal, with just the right amount of sweetness. Enriched white buns can be substituted with whole wheat buns or rolls.

Taco Pie
Taco shells aren't needed for this super easy meal. Complete the recipe with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and a heap of sour cream.

Ground beef recipes

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